What the plot looked like – the back story

After the last shot of Noah’s flood I got a couple of comments that made me think I should put up a shot of the plot before I started work to explain a bit more about why I need to do the work. This is a failing plot. Most of the rest of the garden is in semi or full shade. This is the only part more or less in full sun. But its being used in a really bad way. There’s very little space for growing, its unattractive and more or less dead. The only thing to do is to take control of the situation and build the framework for a more successful plot. I’ve taken down the compost bins because I want to use the space as an entrance. The chicken wire fence has gone to allow me to extend the garden to the edge of the path. The leaning tower of chicken house had to come down but the problem with that was that it was used as a convenient store for tools and all the trash of the garden, including a whole load of unwanted plant pots and the rubble you see in the later picture. There was also a tremendous amount of old building timber behind the shed. This has all been moved. Most of the pots have been given to someone who was setting up a tree nursery. I did this via an email swapping service we have in our area called swap shop. Once the shed was down it was obvious the evergreen shrub behind the shed was in the wrong place. So that had to come down too. I’ve transplanted them (when I started digging it up it turned out to be more than one shrub) to another part of the garden. Getting the roots out was a hard job as they were growing through lots of rubble, and that all had to come out too. So that’s the back story and I’ll be blog some more about what’s going on now as time goes on.old plot picture 

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