Welcome Garden News Readers

If you’re visiting after reading my first article in Garden News mag hi and thanks for dropping by. I try and keep the website up to date with composting and eco related videos, news of what I’m doing and general compost and other eco news stories I find interesting. I’m also hoping to back my articles up by posting information here that I couldn’t squeeze into the mag. Sometimes there’s a lot more to say in the articles than there’s room for. I’d also like people to be able to share any useful information they have, and perhaps even get the odd debate going too. So long as its good natured! Just post a comment using the link below. So I hope you keep coming and keep reading the articles and we can get people thinking about greening up their gardening. Speak soon.Allan 

4 Replies to “Welcome Garden News Readers”

  1. Thanks Eunice. It is a huge project. I think manageable chunks is the key phrase. And its very rewarding. I think the biggest problem is going to be the Welsh weather!

  2. Hi Allan
    Great job. I’ve just got back from the Seattle Flower Show where I spoke about ‘being green’. They are more environmentally aware out there than many gardeners I meet here. I find many gardeners here in total denial. The most important thing in their garden is the patio heater. I wish commercial horticulture had a conscience. They have community composting.
    I have just started running garden tours and am trying to be as green as I can here. Not easy with most people wishing to fly when we have some of the best gardens in the world.

  3. Thanks Karen. Would be interesting to hear about what they’re doing in Seattle. There are lots of good things happening here too. Check out the Community Composting Network in Britain. I do agree that the horticultural industry needs to do much much more. The recent B and Q decision to stop stocking patio heaters is a sham because they’re going to carry on selling their existing stock. If they really thought it was so important they’d stop straight away and have the parts recycled into something more useful. B and Q could do it and it would send a more worthwhile message out. In fact a Patio Heater amnesty – where people return them to B and Q as a statement of support for a better environment would be much more fun and actually a better press story for them. Keep in touch.

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