Compost lover passes Finnish post

I hope compost lovers in Finland will be joining us from the spring when they get their hands on their own Finland friendly version of The Little Book of Compost. I’ve just found out that it’s going to be translated into Finnish. In Finland they do things a little differently. The compost bins have to be wrapped up warm in winter to keep all the lovely compost creatures happy inside. When snow falls and temperatures drop the activity in the compost heap drops too so to keep composting creatures alive and composting, people in cold countries have to wrap their compost heaps up tight, as well as themselves. There’s many ways to lag a compost heap. Some prefer earth. Others make a mini cavity walled house around their bin with wood or concrete block and lag it with any insulating materials they can find – sheeps wool, old blankets or carpets, straw. Anybody wanting to make a cold climate wormery should get the booklet Let an Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man. Second hand copies are available on Amazon, with full details of how to make an insulated box. If anybody has their own plan or knows of a video to watch please post it.

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