Little Book of Compost out in two weeks

I’m really pleased to say that my new book The Little Book of Compost is out in two weeks time. Its very cute. Collins have done a really nice design job on it like they did with The Organic Garden and it makes a great gift for Christmas. I’ve written it like a recipe book so you start off with the easy ‘soil in the bag’ and move through to the Hot Turnover and compost tea. I’ve made it really fun but with enough information in there for the serious compost lover too. I hope it captures the imagination and gets more people loving compost. It’s going to be available on the counter at every Waterstones in Britain so you should be able to pick a copy up easily. If you want a signed copy you can get them from CAT (01654 705959 – – remember to ask for a signed copy.) There is a postage charge from CAT but check out some of the other great stuff they sell on the new shopping site that opens this week And if you want to see me talk about composting on TV check out part one of the videos below.

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