All the living things…not in my garden

The house sparrow and the hedgehog have been added to the governments Biodiversity Action Plan priority protection list, which means that that they will disappear if we don’t have a plan to protect them. The decline in hedgehog numbers has been so severe they could be extinct in Britain in 25 years time. According to commentators writing in The Times part of the problem is neat gardens. 3% of UK land is set aside for gardens, and they can be more bio-diverse than farmland, but not if we treat them with lots of chemicals, cover them with decking, park our cars on them or sell them off for building development. Gardens are sacred spaces which should be given protection. Each householder should have their own Wildlife Action Plan, which should be taken just as seriously as energy saving or water conservation. They should be given statutory help to meet the plan and practical on the ground support from teams of wildlife gardeners to make it happen.

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