Borth choir

Sometimes the strangest things happen. The evening was fairly warm last night. I had the windows open. I was listening to the new cd of the amazing Borth choir Cor y Gors. I came from the kitchen into the lounge and was startled to see a beautiful red headed woman with a young child in her arms staring into my house. She tried to say something to me but I couldn’t hear because of the music so I went outside to talk to her. It turns out her child had fallen over in the pub next door and was crying so much had to be brought outside to calm down – isn’t it amazing that outside is such a good place to be! But on hearing the music of the choir coming out of my house stopped straight away. The child was entranced. We looked at the housemartins flying in and out of the nests and this made the child happier too. The woman had an American accent. She came from Alaska. So finally, after years of watching the amazing TV series Northern Exposure I meet a real Alaskan! It was a little unexpected happy moment. Nothing to do with gardening but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. Check out Cor Y Gors on and Guaranteed to settle your child!

Have a good day.

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