Phew. I’ve just about finished my book so I’m back with you. Lots of things have also happened whilst I’ve been away. My sister got married! We had a great day and I was able to fulfill my promise to buy her and her husband a sustainable wedding gift. I commissioned my friend artist writer and gardener Chloe Ward to draw two pictures of plants representing their two names and bought them a living willow sculpture from This is a great kit that comes complete with instructions, willow whips ready to plant and a mat to stop the weeds coming through. It’s delivered in winter so they’ve got plenty of time to decide where to grow it. In a couple of summers time they’ll have a lovely shady spot to sit in when the suns too much (!). On my way to the wedding I spent a day at the amazing Garden Organic in Ryton near Coventry. It’s the most beautiful resource any organic gardener could have and I’d recommend a visit. I did some filming there for so have a look and learn the basics of organic gardening while you’re at it.

Speak soon

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