View from the bridge

Sorry no podcast yet. I’ve got a heavy deadline on my next book and Sophie and I haven’t got round to finishing it yet. I’m working now till eleven most nights but its not raining, its warm and I can see some great things from my office window. The best is probably the sight of the cows in the field opposite eating the Japanese Knotweed. The cows are reaching up and ripping the leaves off like beasts on the plains of Africa. To the left of my office window I’ve got an amazing wasps nest that looks like paper. To the right I’ve now got five nests full of housemartins. One of the nests collapsed last week but they’ve re-built it quickly and are back happy. They’re activity is so inspiring. I stand in their flight path by the entrance to my scruffy little front yard and watch them free fall out of their nests and almost skim my head as they go off in search of insects. Now its stopped raining (for the first time in weeks) I can have my window open and listen to them chatting. Hopefully the podcast will be with you by the end of this week. By the way I made an amazing find this week – FSC UK made deck chairs to go with the one I found in the skip. You can get them from Speak soon. Allan

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