Video killed the radio star

Wow. Got back from Glastonbury to find my mum in Sheffield is wetter than I am. She’s got three leaks in her house from the non stop rain and her south yorkshire city has a New Orleans style make over. The crazy weather continues. This year we’ve had the warmest April and now the wettest June. What’s coming next we can only guess. One thing is for sure – this is climate chaos as predicted by the scientists – more extreme weather events!!! I didn’t manage to do any podcast interviews at Glastonbury. It was just too muddy for my little ipod. However you can see me making a rare video appearance on (see my links page). Click on the icount video with the picture of the man in the hat and watch me doing my bit for the campaign. That’s Mel on the right and the CAT carbon take away in the background. Our mobile phone carbon calculator was really popular. If you want to get hold of it text ‘climate’ to 80010 and we’ll send you a download link.

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