Drought tolerance not a problem in Glastonbury

The gardens at glastonbury are getting a good old water today as Glastonbury fulfills its reputation as a drought busting device of enormous and mystical proportions. From where I sit I can see Mehdi’s garden, a combination of beautiful wooden, bamboo, willow and reed structures with a gracious and comfortable turf bench, swing chairs and hammocks. I describe one of Mehdi’s glastonbury gardens in a chapter in Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time. It’s one of my favourite night-time spaces – lit as it is by strings of fairy lights and candles. If you want somewhere peaceful to hang out at Glastonbury at one in the morning this is the place to be – in the Greenpeace field. Check out Jenny and Mehdi’s website in my links page.

The queue for the Greenpeace solar and wood chip heated showers is very very long, wet and right outside our stall, so we’re encouraging people to download our climate:mobile programme on to their phones while they wait. Great opportunisitic marketing.

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