Glastonbury goers – visit us at Green Futures and at the Greenpeace field

On Tuesday I’m off to Glastonbury with CAT and we’re very excited to be able for the first time to offer mobile phone users a downloadable personal carbon emissions calculator. Anyone coming into the Greenpeace field with a Bluetooth phone can download the software on to the phone and calculate their emissions whenever they like. Or if they want to do it there and then we’ll have computers going with the programme on to. CAT, Garden Organic and Practical Action (a development charity) are all sharing a tent in the Green Futures field, which is next door to the Greenpeace field on the way to the stone circle and really close to the Permaculture Garden – Glastonbury Festival’s only permanent garden space. There’ll be lots of talks in the CAT tent in Green Futures (I’ll be doing a basic introduction to Organic Gardening and soil care) I will hopefully be performing The Lorax, the Dr Seuss fable about the last Truffula tree (that’s if I learn the lines in time!) or perhaps reading from my book Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time. So, if you’re coming to Glastonbury hopefully see you at the festival. If you’re not and you want to protest against the bulldozing of the Manor Garden Allotments to make way for the olympics there will be a demonstration outside The London Studios, South Bank, London SE1 this Thursday 21st June at 6.15pm. See in my links page for details.

When I get back Sophie and I will be editing the next podcast. If you still haven’t heard our podcast on water conservation scroll down the blog to find it or click on the link on the left. Alternatively go to itunes and type in Allan Shepherd. Next time the podcast will be called The Green Valley podcast – a name which will hopefully stick and is far more appropriate.

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