Sophie and Allan sent to Coventry

Just got back from Gardeners World Live after an amazing couple of days in the West Midlands – never thought I’d write that sentence. Day one saw the Dyfi Valley Seed Savers visiting the Heritage Seed Library at Garden Organics garden at Ryton near Coventry. The Heritage Seed Library distributes varieties of seeds that would be lost to the world if it wasn’t for the work of a small team at Garden Organic and a big group of ordinary gardeners acting as seed guardians. As Head of HSL Sandra Slack told me during her interview for our next podcast (out on July 5th) there are 800 varieties of seeds in the Heritage Seed Library and each one has a unique taste, colour or character not available in commercially available seed. The seed can’t be sold because of EU rules but it can be swapped so go to and click on the link to the Heritage Seed Library to find out how to get some.

We took some of the HSL seeds to Gardeners World Live on day two of our little trip and they were incredibly popular; lots of unusual varieties of climbing French bean and tomatoes. The Dyfi Valley Seed Savers group had a little table in the lovely seed swap tent – well away from the Babylonian consumerism going on in the main halls and full of enthusiastic and dedicated gardeners interested in the idea of seed swap. Sophie and I talked to some lovely people on our two day trip and it’s all going on our seed swap podcast.

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