Ring Fenced

The International Olympic Committee are in town this week. While they’re here they might take some time to enjoy the produce grown by the allotment holders of the Manor Garden Allotments. The 100 year old allotment site rests bang in the middle of the planned Olympic village and is about to be bulldozed to make way for a big screen and a footpath. That’s unless the campaign to save the allotments wins an important judicial review at the High Court this Thursday, 14th of June.

The Compulsory Purchase Order to gain possession of the site was approved because the company responsible for making the London Olympics in 2012 happen promised to find a new site for all the existing allotments. They have failed to deliver on their promise and are now being taken to court on the basis that they would be breaking the promises they have consistently made that the allotmenteers would not be evicted before a suitable relocation site has been found.

Anyone who knows anything about gardening knows that it will take a lot more than a relocation package to recreate the fertility of the gardens that already exist at the Manor Garden site, not to mention the human and non human networks that come with an aged site like this one. Relocation means years of hard work ahead for all allotment holders.

If you don’t like the idea that a hundred year old allotment garden can be destroyed for a sporting event that lasts just four weeks and you’re within journey distance of the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand this Thursday get down there by 9.30 am with a home made placard or just pitch up and you’ll be handed one. The hearing starts at 10.30. Be sure to check http://www.lifeisland.org on wednesday evening for last minute details. Link provided from my links page.

There isn’t much time for the Manor Garden Allotments. If they don’t win their case they will be evicted on July 2nd, relocation site obtained or not.

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