If you go out in the garden tonight…

Now’s the time for getting out in your garden after dark. Its warm and wonderful out there. If you’re growing veg the slugs are probably on the move if it’s a bit humid so go out and check your crops and remove any offenders. And if you still see some slug damage in the morning hoe between your rows to break up the slug trails. They really do follow them to find the best feed. Whilst you’re out there look out for some of the more rewarding nocturnal creatures – moths, frogs, toads, bats, hedgehogs should all be out on the move tonight. Beyond the garden find out if your local nature reserve is organising a moth night, or like my local RSPB reserve Ynys Hir this weekend a glow worm and night jar walk. Last week a whole bunch of us spent Saturday night looking at moths arriving at a light trap provided by our county moth recorder. Each county has a moth recorder. They compile data on the number of each species of moth in the UK so we know which are threatened and in these times of global climate change where they’re heading – most are heading north to keep within their temperature range. As we found out, moths are totally fantastic, beautiful and mesmerising creatures with a far wider variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures than our native butterflies but we can only appreciate them when they come to light. Our third podcast will be about biodiversity and we’ve got some fantastic reaction sounds from some very excited people looking at moths. Not the average Saturday night down the pub and truly wonderful for the difference. Meanwhile, our first podcast is now on itunes under the name Allan Shepherd. Or you can get it by pressing the link below or the button to the right.

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