Happy World Environment Day

Yawn. It’s eight o’clock on June 5th and I’m waking up sleepy on World Environment Day. Congratulations world environment you made it through another year. Hurrah. As I’m writing this Sophie is finishing off our first podcast to launch later today. Because the theme of the World Environment Day is climate change our podcast is water conservation, one of the biggest problems gardeners will have to cope with in a changing climate. We’ve visited experts Marcus Zipperlan, Roger Mclennan and Grace Crabb at The Centre for Alternative Technology, Peter Harper at his experimental home in Machynlleth and Judith Thornton, author of The Water Book. We ask them how we can cope with climate change, how we can save water in the house and garden and what we can do to make the most of grey water. Barring technical difficulties there will be a link on this website and http://www.cat.org.uk by the end of the day and on itunes within the next couple of days. So come back to the site and download the podcast soon.

So have a good day today whatever you’re doing and find some way to celebrate World Environment Day.

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